Its Nikki here I’m am sad to say that I have to give notice. I am having to downsize and move to a cheaper place or my goal of owning a house one day is never going to happen.

I hate that I have to leave as you are the best landlord but I will make sure i have everything looking fab when you need to show people through. Anytime is fine just let me know in case I have sleeping babies.

You have been the greatest landlord and thank you so much for letting us make your house our home for the past 21 months. Thanks for everything again.Nikki

Mike has managed our properties in Tauranga for 3 years. He has restored our faith in Property Managers. Being absent landlords is always fraught with concern and worry, as we found out when dealing with other managers.

Other companies take their Management fee but do not want to accept the responsibilities that go with it. This has never been our concern with Mike.

His follow up on every detail has been exemplary and we are very grateful that our properties are in the hands of someone who finally understands property investing.T & D Morton Perth

I’ve lived in Mike’s property in Rotorua for 5 years now and he’s been an amazing landlord. We are extremely happy with Mike’s property management style and appreciate his effort to let us live in his property without too much interruption especially when he needs to complete maintenance duties.

His laidback character has made it easier to deal with i.e. he works around our family commitments as well as his commitments as a landlord if he needs to come onto the property. Mike and his family send a card and gift every Christmas; a first in terms of my past landlords and this shows the mark of a man and his values.

“We can’t thank you enough Mike for being a great landlord and for allowing us to make a home for our family.E Biddle

I would like to thank you for being a really great landlord. You were nothing but professional and helpful Regards.Fiona
Fabulous :-). Thanks, as always Mike, for your prompt attention to any matters that arise, such as this. We are continually grateful for your expert property management. Have a great week. Keep Smiling 🙂Angela
Good morning Mike! Just formally letting you know that I want to hand in our notice on your house. We will be totally moved out and cleaned on Friday 27 April, our official last day if that is okay with you.

As you know, we have bought our own home so it is quite exciting to have a project to move on to finally! However, I wanted to say a big thank you for the last 2 years. Your house has served you well and we have tried to look after it in return. Hopefully there is little to do in-between tenants.

Thanks again Mike for everything. Deb